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Hybrid kaleidoscope with a clear crystal ball and fixed object chamber, wooden finish


This hybrid kaleidoscope is special because it combines elements of a traditional kaleidoscope with those of its newer counterpart, the teleidoscope*, to create a unique mandala.  The mandala changes as the colored gems inside the object chamber move, but also as the crystal ball at the end picks up images from your surroundings.  This kaleidoscope comes with a wooden stand for display.

*a teleidoscope is a kaleidoscope with a lens and an open view

Units/Pack:  2 Pieces

Unit Price:  $90.00/box, $45.00/ea

Suggested Retail:  $99.99/ea


Kaleidoscope Components:

Object Chamber:  Dry-Cell/Spherical Collimating Lenses

Mirror System:  3 Mirror, Grade A Mirrors

Body:  Wooden Kaleidoscope, Brass-Plated Accent

Size:  approximately 8" Long


Made in Taiwan

GI-8002W/48 Hybrid Kaleidoscope, Wooden (2 Pack)


15% off $350+ (ends Jul 16)

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