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A double-sided kaleidoscope with a 2-mirror system on one end and a 3-mirror system on the other. Very good clarity with mesmerizing pattern movement and colors. Outer sleeve is a butterly design. Comes with a wooden cradle for display.


Units/Pack:  6 Pieces

Unit Price:  $94.50/box, $15.75/ea

Suggested Retail:  $34.99/ea


Kaleidoscope Components:

Object Chamber:  Oil-Filled, Fixed Object Chamber

Mirror System:  2 Mirror/3 Mirror, Grade A Mirrors

Body:  Old World Maps

Size:  approximately 8-3/4" long, 1-3/4" diameter


Made in Taiwan

GI-8083M/36 Dual System Kaleidoscope, Old World Maps (6 pack)

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