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Perpetual Motion, Kinetic Mobile, Electromagnetic Gizmo, Whirlygig.. whatever you call these things, it will mesmerize you for hours. 


Who needs to get away for a relaxing weekend of fishing with your closests buddies when you can watch these two bass fight for the lure!


Our kinetics are great for man caves, children's rooms or boring offices and suitable for kids of all ages, including that man-child we all have in our lives.


Item Number:  GI-827/24

Description:  Kinetic Mobile: Ceramic Bass Chasing Lure

Size: Approx. 9" tall

Material(s):  Plastic Base, Metal Frame, Ceramic Bass

Units/Pack:  6 Pieces

Unit Price:  $94.50/pack, $15.75/ea

Suggest Retail:  $35.99/ea

Uses 1 9V battery, not included in package.


Made in Taiwan

GI-827/24 Kinetic Mobile: Ceramic Bass Chasing Lure (6 pack)


15% off $350+ (ends Jul 16)

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