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This kaleidoscope is part of our best selling Fireworks Collection.  Each piece is hand assembled in Taiwan with handmade, screen-printed Chiyogami paper from Japan.  The hand-cut 4 mirror system of the kaleidoscope gives this kaleidoscope a unique slim body design and the object chamber is an oil-filled wand with colored glass caviar.  It is this combination of the mirror system and the object chamber creates double bursting mandalas that will remind you of fireworks.  You won't want to put it down!


Item Number GI-8053BK/72

Description:  Black and Silver Chiyogami Paper

Units/Pack:  6 Pieces per Pack

Price:  $94.50/pack, $15.75/ea

Suggested Retail:  $32.99/ea


Kaleidoscope Components:

Object Chamber:  Duo Twist Oil Wand with Glass Caviar

Mirror System:  4 Mirror

Body:  Acrylic Case, Chiyogami Paper, Electroplated Plastic Accents


Made in Taiwan

GI-8053BK/60 Gravity Kaleidoscope Black Chiyogami (6 Pack)

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